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Welcome to 2015 at The English Club!

Hello everyone and Welcome to 2015! Hope your New Year started well!

The conversation group is going well and members of the theatre workshop have put all their own ideas into a play under the guidance of Riccardo Colombini. You will see the result for yourselves later this year!

But don’t forget the more recent Club events – especially the next general meeting which will be held in Casa Giacobbe (Sala del Pozzo) at 9pm on 21st January.

We have invited a young student who is about to start university in the UK and an English University Professor who are going to tell us about their experiences.

Find out the similarities and differences in higher education in Italy and UK. They will do their best to make things easy for you to understand – it will be a light-hearted presentation not a formal conference!

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9.2.2015 – Theatre in English

There are still some tickets left for An Ideal Husband a play in English by Oscar Wilde which will be performed by the theatre group Palketto Stage at the Carcano theatre Milan on 9th February at 8:45 pm.

Your last chance to book is on Wednesday 21st January after which we have to return all unsold tickets to the theatre.

Palketto Stage is specialised in performances for schools so it will be easy – and very entertaining – to follow: Don’t miss this great opportunity!

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May 2015 – Exhibition in Magenta

The ENGLISH Club will be collaborating with the Comune di Magenta during the Battle of Magenta celebrations in May-June.
We are planning an exhibition called ‘In the meanwhile….’ which will illustrate what was happening in the rest of the world during the Battle of Magenta in 1859 – with emphasis on English speaking countries, of course.

If you are interested in taking an active part or just have some ideas please let us know. You are very welcome!

2014 - 2015 Programme

2014 – 2015 Events Programme

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