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Carnival time at The English Club!

Would you believe that another month has gone by? Well, here we again to remind you about our next meeting. We are going from a top university Professor to a young university student who also works with children and wants it to become her job.

It’s carnival time so let’s bring out the child that is inside us and help Serena to make her dream come true. She really deserves our support.

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18.2.2015 – English in Scena – with Serena Mannino

“English in Scena” is an unusual activity full of surprises. So be prepared!
Created by our guest member Serena Mannino, the aim of this project is to give people the possibility to practice, increase and develop their knowledge of English through interactive theatre.
Serena usually performs in schools but has accepted to share her new adventure with us.

Don’t be shy!!Come and join us in this magical atmosphere!! It will be held in Casa Giacobbe (Sala Conferenze) at 9pm on 18th February.

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May 2015 – Exhibition in Magenta

The ENGLISH Club will be collaborating with the Comune di Magenta during the Battle of Magenta celebrations in May-June.
We are planning an exhibition called ‘In the meanwhile….’ which will illustrate what was happening in the rest of the world during the Battle of Magenta in 1859 – with emphasis on English speaking countries, of course.

Meetings and activities have already started !

If you are interested in taking an active part or just have some ideas please let us know. You are very welcome!

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