20.2.2019 – Nightschool – Back to the 60′s

This month we are all going back to school –  NIGHT SCHOOL to be precise! Two English teachers from the British Council in Milan are coming to Magenta to hold a lesson for you. But don’t worry the lesson will be very entertaining Because  ‘Nightschool’ is an English duo. David and Catherine are two English teachers who have lived in Italy and worked in the British Council in Milan for many years. With their Italian friend Mario, they specialize in performing pop classics ranging from the 1960’s through to recent hits, including favourites by the Beatles, Blondie, Manhattan Transfer, Cyndi Lauper and many more. And since they are teachers I’m sure they will be telling us some anecdotes and the story behind the songs. Come and find out more….. Casa Giacobbe (Sala Conferenze) WEDNESDAY 20TH FEBRUARY AT 9PM Don’t be late for Nightschool! Friends and relations are welcome too . 5€ donation to cover expenses would be appreciated, thank you! See you soon!   And if you enjoy it… Join the Club! Bye for now!