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19.2.2020 – Scotland’s response to Brexit – Probably unprintable

We had already planned to have a Scottish evening this month, and because of Brexit, we thought it would be a good idea  to invite John Murphy, a real Scotsman, to help us.

Some of you may remember John from our Scottish dance evenings but he is also a professional translator and past President of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy.

The title of the evening is ‘Scotland’s response to Brexit – Probably unprintable’ and he will explain the explosive combination of Brexit and Scottish Independence.  Their future depends a lot on their past history and John will tell us why, in his usual informal and  entertaining  manner. Are you curious? The come to Casa Giacobbe (Via IV Giugno 80 – Magenta)  on Wednesday 19th February at 9pm and learn more about that weird and wonderful country – Scotland the Brave!

20.11.2019 Not Only Halloween: Autumn Traditions

From the Celtic Samhain festival to the American Thanksgiving holiday  with a visit to Jacobean England.  For over 2500 years November has been a very busy month.  Certainly not only Halloween!

Ghosts and witches, pumpkins and apples, fireworks and gunpowder, turkey and chestnuts, red and gold leaves in the autumn mist  are all part of this beautiful season.  Come and learn how at the English Club event on 20th November!

See you soon!

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