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The Secret Life of English Words

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas Dinner party. Well, now for something completely different!

Jennifer Lowe is a specialist in the English language and holds conferences all over Europe. She accepted our invitation and will be with us next Wednesday 15th January in ‘Sala Conferenze’ in Casa Giacobbe at 9pm for our monthly meeting.

Since this is an English Club evening and not a conference :) ,  we asked her to make it fun for our members. Have you ever wondered WHY English spelling is so complicated? Of course you have! Well Jennifer  will explain some interesting  “Word (hi)stories”. That is her own definition!!  We will,  as usual,  include a group activity as well – to get you involved.  So it should definitely be fun. Don’t miss it!

See you soon

And if you enjoy it… Join the Club! Bye for now!

The Club

We want  to share British culture with people in the Magenta area, without forgetting the other English speaking countries all over the world.

We are a club, not a school;  anyone can join the Club and take part in the activities just for fun. Even with only a basic knowledge of English. Our monthly activities each have a specific topic , sometimes funny,  sometimes serious, but there is always something to learn. There are also a lot of  made- to-measure extras: conversation groups, a  theatre group, musical evenings and lots more …. all in English, of course! follow us on  facebook