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NEXT: 21.03.2018

“Shamrocks and Murder”


Next week we are going to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Not with the usual singing and dancing but with….. a murder!! Don’t worry, it’s only a game to play with the help of our friend John Vincent and a glass of Guinness!  

So, how much do you know about Ireland?

Well, you should know that St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland but there’s certainly a lot more to know than that…

and how much do you know about  John Vincent?  

Probably nothing! Well, he was born in Wales and lives in Italy but there’s certainly a lot more to know than that…

Come and (investigate the murder and ) learn more about Ireland (and John Vincent!) at our next meeting  (at the crime scene) in:

 Casa Giacobbe on Wednesday 21st March at 9pm.

For more info and booking send a mail to or Whatsapp 3482613328



The Club

We want  to share British culture with people in the Magenta area, without forgetting the other English speaking countries all over the world.

We are a club, not a school;  anyone can join the Club and take part in the activities just for fun. Even with only a basic knowledge of English.
Our monthly activities each have a specific topic , sometimes funny,  sometimes serious, but there is always something to learn.
There are also a lot of  made- to-measure extras: conversation groups, a  theatre group, musical evenings and lots more …. all in English, of course!

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