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Next event: Friday 24th May


Here we are back with our Pantomime!

Pantomime is a unique type of English theatre which gives a well-known story an original and light-hearted interpretation with the help of the audience.

Our theatre group performs in simple English with a traditional easy-to-follow production.

Our hero is Jack, a poor country boy who dreams of marrying the princess who has been imprisoned in a giant’s castle. Jack must climb up to the castle via a beanstalk which has mysteriously grown in his garden. Will he manage to save the princess despite the evil Baron who wants to capture the goose that lays golden eggs? Come and find out, or rather…join in!!

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Back to School?

Yes! and Back to The English Club!

We are now organising our theatre and conversation activities for 2023-24.

The CONVERSATION GROUP for intermediate/advanced speakers will be lead by a mother tongue tutor at a time to suit all concerned. Maximum 6 participants.

The THEATRE WORKSHOP for all levels will be held on Thursdays from 9-11pm. No limits.

There will be a free trial session for both activities – senza impegno! Contact us for more info.

Don’t be shy – Come and try!!

See you soon!


The Club

Our aim is to share British culture with people in the Magenta area, without forgetting the other English speaking countries all over the world.

We are a club, not a school;  anyone can join the Club and take part in the activities just for fun. We have a conversation group at intermediate/advanced level and a  theatre workshop… all in English, of course! 

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