20.3.2019 – Do you speak Shakespeare?

 Friends , Romans , Countrymen!  Lend me your ears!

Do you speak Shakespeare?

 Whether  you do or whether you don’t  there is always a good  reason to come to our next Club meeting  where you can enjoy a unique experience with Mary Chater and Julian Curry

Mary and Julian are professional actors (Julian played a part in the film ‘Escape to Victory’ and in the TV series with  Inspector Barnaby) . We couldn’t believe they accepted our invitation!

They will be performing a short scene from a Shakespeare play and Mary will be organising a mini workshop where you will be able to try for yourselves .

Mary is a wonderful teacher and her passion for the Bard is contagious but you can just watch if you prefer! Don’t worry! She will ‘keep it simple’ so that everyone can enjoy it.

Since they are very important guests, non-members are welcome too and  we are asking everyone (including members this time) to help with expenses by contributing 5€. Only students get in free!!


So PLEASE let ‘s give  Mary and Julian a really warm welcome! Join us in Casa Giacobbe  – MagentaNEXT Wednesday 20th March at 9pm

Let us know if  you’re coming and  we’ll book you the best seats!

See you soon!

Friends and relations are welcome too .

5€ donation to cover expenses would be appreciated, thank you!

See you soon!