15.3.2017 – Discover the magic of Ireland – with Emer Murphy


With Emer Murphy

March for the English Club usually means Ireland and 2017 is no exception.

Our guest speaker, Emer Murphy, now lives and works in Milan organising study and holiday trips for families but her heart is still in Ireland.

“Throughout my childhood and now with my own children Inis Oirr is a place we consider home from home. My cousins still live on the island running the pub, the shop and the bed and breakfast that our grandfather started many years ago. My 10 year old son takes part in the August summer games or goes fishing from the pier – just like my mother and I did when we were young.” says Emer nostalgically, but then she adds” Yet he can also go to one of the pubs and watch Milan play in the Champions league.”

If you are already in love with Ireland you will be pleased to discover the magic of this remote island. If you have never been there, then this is a good place to start. Inis Oirr is a place where the Irish language is still alive and is part of everyday working life: Inis Oirr is a mix of old and new and has not traded traditions for technology.

Come and see for yourself on Wednesday 15th March at 9pm in Casa Giacobbe (Via IV Giugno 80 – Magenta)

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